ARevolutionary Diagnostic Test for Endometriosis

Hera Biotech is developing and commercializing the world’s 1st non-surgical test for definitive diagnosis and staging of endometriosis.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be the world leader in understanding & addressing diagnostic and therapeutic deficiencies in women's health.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We are building a collaborative culture that is driven to advance the standard of care in women's health.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Relentlessly seek to understand the root cause of diseases in women's health, thereby, uncovering new ways of diagnosing and treating them.

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Who We Are

Hera Biotech, Inc. was formed to apply advances in biotechnology to address unmet needs in the field of women’s health and specifically, in reproductive medicine.

Hera’s initial goal is to commercialize the MetriDx™, a novel, non-surgical method for the definitive, early diagnosis and staging of endometriosis.

What is Endometriosis?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Endometriosis is an often-painful disorder in which tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus – the endometrium – grows outside your uterus.” Endometriosis often involves other pelvic organs and, in some cases, can spread elsewhere in the body. Despite no longer being inside of the uterus, endometrial tissue continues to function in the same way it would in the uterus. This means it thickens, breaks down, and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. However, this tissue has no way to exit the body and becomes trapped. This trapped tissue can cause cysts, the surrounding tissue can become irritated, and, eventually, scar tissue and adhesions can form. Further, endometriosis can cause pain, especially during menstrual periods, and the pain can be debilitating to afflicted women. Common symptoms associated with endometriosis are painful periods, pain with intercourse, pain with bowel movements or urination, excessive bleeding, infertility, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, or nausea. The only method for currently diagnosing endometriosis is by laparascopic surgery followed by pathology of the biopsied tissue. This procedure is expensive and can fail to detect up to half of the disease lesions.

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